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Directive 93/15/EEC Explosives For Civil Uses

  1. This Directive shall apply to explosives.
  2. 'Explosives' shall mean the materials and articles considered to be such in the United Nations recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods and falling within Class 1 of those recommendations.
  3. This Directive shall not apply to:
    • explosives, including ammunition, intended for use, in accordance with national law, by the armed forces or the police,
    • pyrotechnical articles,
    • ammunition, except as provided in various Articles of this directive.
  4. 'United Nations recommendations' shall mean the recommendations laid down by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, as published in the UN (Orange Book) and as amended by the date when this Directive is adopted,
  5. 'safety' shall mean the prevention of accidents and, where prevention fails, the containment of their effects,
  6. 'security' shall mean the prevention of use contrary to law and order,
  7. 'dealer' shall mean any natural or legal person whose occupation consists wholly or partly in the manufacture, trade, exchange, hiring out, repair or conversion of fire arms and ammunition,
  8. 'approval' shall mean the decision taken to allow envisaged transfers of explosives within the Community,
  9. 'undertaking in the explosives sector' shall mean any natural or legal person possessing a licence or authorization which entitles him to engage in the manufacture, storage, use, transfer or trade in explosives,
  10. 'placing on the market' shall mean any first disposal against payment or free of charge of explosives covered by this Directive with a view to their distribution and/or use on the Community market,
  11. 'transfer' shall mean any physical movement of explosives within Community territory apart from movements within one and the same site.
  12. The CE marking of conformity shall be affixed in such a way as to be visible, easily legible and indelible on the explosives themselves or, if this is not possible, on an identification plate attached thereto or, in the last resort, if the first two methods cannot be used, on the packaging. The identification plate must be so designed as to make its reuse impossible.
  13. It shall be prohibited to affix on explosives any mark or inscription which may confuse third persons as to the meaning and style of writing of the CE marking. Any other mark may be affixed on explosives provided the visiblility and legibility of the CE marking is not impaired.